‘Dil Bechara’, the highest-grossing Indian film in 24 hours

Bollywood actor Susan Singh Rajput, who died on June 14, has released his latest film, Dil Bechara, which was released on July 24. It was originally scheduled for release, but due to an epidemic, it was forced to withdraw from streaming services. Susan’s new film “Dil Bechara” has now become the highest-grossing Indian film in 24 hours. This proves that the fans miss Susan.

Susan, who played Manny, who suffered from bone cancer in the film, broke the record for the most views in 24 hours after the film was released. According to Filmfare, IMDb, the movie platform that rated movies by viewership rating, was the highest-rated film, according to Filmfare. The film received 21,000 votes and a 10/10 rating. Susan’s film has now surpassed 2003’s Anbe Sivam to No. 1. Needless to say, the film received a 10/10 rating, and the audience liked the actor and the actor’s performances that touched everyone’s heart.

Since its release online, fans and netizens have praised Susan and the film’s performances. According to netizens, Manny, who played Susan in the film, wanted to be a part of her funeral before she died, much to the chagrin of fans who prepared her funeral.

“Dil Bechara”, a remake of the Hollywood film The Faulth in Our Stars, tells the sad story of two cancer patients and the lives of cancer patients. Fans must have longed for Susan and watched the film, and the plot was so sad that it must have left a lasting impression on them.

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